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The China Shanghai International Technology Fair (CSITF), which is becoming more and more a point of reference for the international technology market, pursues five main objectives:

1. Share globe’s huge technology market.

CSITF aims to develop the technology market as a key factor for the transformation of the Chinese model of economic development. The fair aims therefore to bring excellent development prospects for foreign and domestic leading application technologies.

2. Build a technology trade industrial chain model

CSITF aims to provide interested parties with technology services, including technology transfer license, intellectual property protection, technology investment and financing. 

3. Construct a financial support system for technology trade

Supported by a financial service, CSITF aims to facilitate the connection between technology and capital, and drive the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements.

4. Establish a new image of supporting intellectual property protection

CSITF aims to establish a mechanism in which technology trade is protected by the law, and long-term and extensive tracking and tracing of intellectual property contained in technology trade can be conducted.

5. Initiate online and physical exhibition models

While the physical CSITF is held once a year, a 365 days platform called  “one-stop service platform for technology trade” is built.

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